What is an Aloe-Spa?

What is an Aloe-Spa?

What is a Spa?

According to the International SPA Association “a destination spa is a facility with the primary purpose of guiding individual spa-goers to develop healthy habits. The lifestyle transformation can be accomplished by providing a comprehensive program that includes spa services, physical activities, wellness education, healthful cuisine and special interest programming”.

What is an Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM?

Basically, the Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM is a facility with the primary purpose to offer spa-goers healthy habits, combining typical spa services but focused on the aloe benefits for the customers´ body and mind. An Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM helps to relieve stress and helps people feel and look better through aloe massages, aloe nutrition programs, aloe facials, aloe body treatment and aloe day spa packages.

Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM  is not just a high class service with premium aloe products used in the treatments. It is more than that. It means an exit to a different lifestyle, a unique experience, a physical and emotional benefit for the spa goer. We do not offer usual spa services. We offer signature and tailor made spa services to the user, bringing the properties of a plant used for centuries in all the civilizations. Our spa treatments are based on a multicultural concept, since different techniques come from different regions in the world. Our services offer the best of aloe from different cultures. Aloe vera is our main ingredient, absolutely natural and eco-friendly. No machinery is used. Just aloe and hands. It is not a common spa. It is a different way to offer health, beauty and wellness.

The Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM premises must have no noise around, offer a relaxation environment through a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with courteous and professional workers and management.

The Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM services are to be founded on one main concept: the aloe plant and its benefits for health, beauty, nutrition and well being.

We hope you be pampered with our services.