Aloe-Spa - A Sustainable Spa Concept

Aloe-Spa and Sustainability 

Aloe-Spa Salute per AloeTM is a green spa concept. At Aloe-Spa we have achieved a high level of sustainability. Our spas show highly sustainability levels.

We offer spa signature services performed with products containing 60% to 95% of aloe vera into the total content. 

Aloetrade America LLC has agreements with several aloe vera and aloe saponaria producers in Latin America and Spain to obtain aloe juice and aloe gel as raw material to be used as the main ingredient into our products used in the Aloe-Spa treatments. We design and test the aloe cosmetic products to be used into our Aloe-Spa treatments. Our aloe cosmetics and aloe products are manufactured in Mexico by Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV and other companies.. 

Read below the main reasons why we achieved high sustainability standards:

Energy and Climate

  • Our greenhouse gas emissions are absolutely at low levels. 
  • Furthermore, all the aloe plantations were our raw material is bought, are carbon sequestrant. 
  • Besides it, the aloe plantations are one of the best ways to avoid desertification of land, so avoiding climate change. 

Material Efficiency

  • Solid Waste.  Among our products and elements used to perform Aloe-Spa treatments, we produce less than 100 lb a month on average per location of solid waste.
  • Liquid Waste. As most of our Aloe-Spa services are dry treatments, we have minimal liquid waste in comparison to other spas. Liquid waste from the manufacturing facilities where our cosmetic aloe products are manufactured are also minimal.

Natural Resources

  • We have defined eco friendly purchasing guidelines with our direct supplier. 
  • We encourage to protect the environment, with fair employment practices and ingredient/product safety.

People and Community

  • We know the 100% of the facility that produce our Aloe-Spa products.
  • We know the aloe plantation which provide the raw material to manufacture our products.
  • We are doing community development and social activities in Mexico, the place where we manufacture most of our aloe products.